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Indian Runner Ducks
(aka Runner Ducks or Runners)

These ducks don't waddle, they run.  Great foragers, excellent layers, and just plain fun to have around, Indian Runners are a fine choice for the home flock. 

Most of our flock consists of fawn and white runners but we have two white ducks and occasionally some others.  This lovely white duck came to breakfast one morning adorned with a leaf necklace of her own making.  These are ducks with panache - we love them. 

Here's a sampling of  pictures we have taken.

Coming soon even more photos of runner ducks; runners hatching, young ducklings, and ducks on the go.

New!  Ducks in the Mail




Favorite Links

Indian Runner Association  The IRDA and their tireless Secretary Julian Burrell provide excellent information on the history, keeping, preservation of the breed, and gracious help for novice and expert alike.

Old Jim's Fowl Page  Don't miss this site!!  James Satterfield gives a clinic on ducks with plenty of great advice and pictures.  Prepare to spend some time exploring.

Judging Runner Ducks James Carson discusses what he looks for when judging runners in the show ring at the APA  (American Poultry Association) website.

International Waterfowl Breeders Association  Information on shows in US and Canada with details of the programs and newsletters of the IWBA , chat room and more.

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